Lawmakers Caught Playing Solitaire During Session

Lawmakers playing Solitaire

A photo that has been circulating on the internet shows lawmakers playing solitaire during a work session. This is causing many to question their level of engagement. This particular picture is supposedly taken in the Connecticut House of Representatives. So not in the US Congress as reported earlier. The photo was taken by an Associated Press photographer in 2009 and quickly went viral.

One of the lawmakers caught playing solitaire, Democratic state Rep. Jack Hennessy, has issued a letter of apology to his constituents. In his letter, he acknowledges that his actions were “certainly bad judgment” and “inexcusable.” The other representative playing solitaire was Democratic state Rep. Barbara Lambert.

According to the Hartford Courant, it is not uncommon for lawmakers to work on their laptops during sessions, sometimes even playing solitaire. While some may see this as a lack of focus on important matters, others argue that multitasking is necessary in today’s fast-paced world.

Regardless, the photo has served as a reminder that lawmakers should remain focused on their duties and the issues at hand rather than playing games during important sessions.